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Love Letters to my (un)Requited Loves

Love Letters to my (un)Requited Loves: an exercise in fatigue

Description of Project:

This commission was created for Abrons Arts Center as part of their “AAC Sound Series.”

I started “Love Letters to my Unrequited Loves” in 2012 as a personal exercise and decided to share one of those letters as an audio-visual collage called, “Pressed Flowers in April Rain.” The rest have been sitting in digital archives, so when Abrons invited me to create a mix, I knew it was time to put the Letters to rest. In the present piece, unrequited loves manifest themselves in various ways and forms; from nation states to intimate partners, they all represent an unreciprocated presence in my life and possibly the lives of others. A collage of found sounds, borrowed sounds and self-made sounds, this truly was an exercise in fatigue and release.

TRACK LISTING: (title, artist)

  1. Ele não- Ju Tricca

  2. This is all temporary x B C Manjunath and Varijashree Venugopal- Rena Anakwe

  3. Intertribal No.1- A Tribe Called Red

  4. Whisper Sweet Somethings (feat DeadMau5)- DJ Lady Lane

  5. The Science of Love x Euterpe's Favorit- Archie Shepp

  6. 1stNite - SIRKNX

  7. Aquatic Coronation (DJ Lady Lane Karma Bums Remix)- Mali Woods

  8. A Song for the Healer- DJ Lady Lane

  9. Medicinal Chant- TightMike

  10. Eartha Kitt (in her own words)

  11. Boys with Toys- Gap Mangione

  12. Polegnala E Todora vs Ghosts on Magnetic Tape II- Rena Anakwe

  13. Mourning Shroud- Rena Anakwe

  14. In Closing- Rena Anakwe

  15. Road to the West- The Seatbelts

  16. The Last Letter- Rena Anakwe



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