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LIVING NARRATIVES [iter.01 & .02]


iter.01 & iter.02

Description of Project:

Living Narratives is a live performance installation that takes audiences on an immersive, multi-sensorial journey through the live-mixing of sound, visuals, and scent.


PROCESS: As part of my Thesis work I created "exploratoriums" for the 4 S's [Sound, Sight, Scent and Site.]

  • SOUND: Created sound pieces and curated music for performances that would aid in setting the space, in an auditory sense. This was paired with vocal instruction to the audience.
  • SIGHT: Dynamic visuals mapped to colors that were researched based on their calming effects, along with movement of the visuals. These were controlled for most performances through an Android Phone programmed in Max/MSP and mapped with Touch OSC. Visuals were created with found footage, Adobe CC (After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop.)
  • SCENT: The creation of a scent journal and sourcing essential oils, created the olfactory element of the installation. The scents were diffused manually and with diffusers/and or fans, for experimentation. I also experimented with humidifiers and coffee. In the end a layering technique was used to fill the space, and compliment the other S's.
  • SITE: Performance installations were staged in non-traditional performance spaces (iTP, Riese Lounge & Global Center for Academic & Spiritual Life) in order to explore the ability to create relaxation in varying environments.







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