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Living Narratives || a live performance installation


Description of Project:

Living Narratives [iter.03] is a live performance installation that takes audiences on an immersive, multi-sensorial journey through the live-mixing of sound, visuals, and scent.

The third iteration of 'Living Narratives' builds off of concepts from the previous work by interspersing more personalized narratives and features live sound processing through analog and digital hardware.

*Featured track: ‘This Week x Geng’ - Moor Mother [from The Motionless Present album] courtesy of the artists.

ITER 3 [performance]

  • Shown as a stand-alone installation as part of Her Environment Series group exhibition, “Her Environment #7: Murmurs and Palpitations” at TCC Gallery Chicago  
  • Performed as part of collaborative Sunday Service: Jonathan Gonzalez Presents…. Sepo Seecharan Prins and Marlene Mulele Seecharan, NIC Kay, Justin Allen, Rena Anakwe at The Knockdown Center on October 1st, 2017
  • Performed as part of LADYFEST 2017 at The Tank Theater (NYC) on August 3rd & 5th, 2017




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